Hometown: Norfolk, VA
College: VCUarts - Kinetic Imaging,
aspiring animator, nature lover, cultural critic

The Fluzzy Conundrum

So, I’ve been really irritable in the morning lately. Just waking up on the wrong side of the bed, which is not how I roll and I couldn’t figure outwhy.

Till about 10 minutes ago when I put on like 7 layers of fluzzy winter clothes.

Seriously, it’s fucking FREEZING in my dorm! And on warm days it’s not to bad, for the first hour, but fuck man, I’ve got finals that require me to be on my laptop. So yeah, I’m up all night sitting at my desk wishing I was under my warm covers and if I give in to that I’m out like a light.

So, I’ve actually been getting plenty of sleep but still feeling miserable because it is UNREASONABLY COLD.

I’ve got class in like 5 hours and I really don’t wanna take all this winter wear off, but I’ll look like a fucktard if I don’t… and it’s wet and ugly outside. :(